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What is IEC 61131-3?

Basically it is a programming language standard that originates from the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) but has been adopted very widely in the Industrial world. It is the only viable standard and therefore is at the core of an Open Solution to Control and Automation. Any standard needs a body to control it since all standards are continually developing. Also there has to be some form of independent conformance testing and the administration of this falls under the remit of the standardisation body. For IEC 61131-3, the body is PLC Open.

"IEC 61131-3: a standard programming resource" - an explanation of IEC 61131-3.

OAC has the capability to provide engineering services based on IEC 61131-3 including Porting, Integration with other Software and Certification against IEC 61508 and related standards.

TCS is a Master Distributor for the world’s highest selling implementation – ISaGRAF.


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