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Tactical Control Solutions

Our mission is to supply proven control solutions to enable our customers to meet today’s needs whilst maintaining tomorrow’s strategic objectives.

We offer solutions to organisations with real operational and implementation challenges associated with the needs of industry to automate processes and communicate accurate and concise information. 

  • Through the use of open standards we offer ready to run control solutions.

  • The use of open standards protects your future business options and reduces your risk of supply chain tie in to proprietary solutions.

  • We enable legacy equipment to interact with modern control standards and communications infrastructures.

A core enabler for our mission is the use of the IEC61131-3 software control standard (namely ISaGRAF Control Suite). Through the use of this industry standard software control environment and associated added value functionality, hardware and systems we can supply turnkey control solutions.

Combining today's proven concepts, cutting edge technology and our customer's core expertise, we expertly craft completely integrated solutions with the highest standards of in-service reliability and real-time performance that meet the most demanding requirements.

Whether through training courses, IEC 61131 hardware and software products, system design, custom application development and project management, our engineers offer the services that will ease all steps of the complete project life cycle.

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